The Team

Meet the Team

  • Tim Scoffield – Director – Technology Development and Research CEO

    Mr. Tim Schofield is a chartered accountant with over 30 years experience in the ERP Industry. He has been involved in several ERP implementations in Europe and UK and brings a unique combination of accounting and KwaMoja development skills to WebERP Africa.

    Mr. Tim Schofield is responsible for the development of KwaMoja and webERP, both leading open source products on sourceforge. He has acquired strong organizational and personnel-management skills along with a deep understanding of ERP systems.

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  • Victor Kagimu – Director – Business Development, Strategy and Sales CEO

    Mr. Victor Kagimu, a software engineer, is an ERP specialist with over 10 years’ experience in the IT Industry covering a wide skill set from HP Cluster integration to JDEdwards One World implementations in leading financial institutions based in the Europe.

    Victor has designed and implemented several major pan-European and Global, Oracle, Micro strategy and JDE ERP system solutions. Victor brings a wealth of experience and professionalism coupled with technical expertise which is focused on delivering and surpassing customer expectations.

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