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Small, medium or large enterprises require results that directly affect their profitability. And that is where we come in. webERP Africa Ltd offers a range of solutions that meet the unique requirements of any business.

Enterprise Resource Planning

WEA implements ERP using industry leading open source products known as KwaMoja and webERP. Our solid relations with the open source community provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that reinforce our service offerings. Through KwaMoja, businesses are able to handle;

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM).
  • Payroll and Human resource management.
  • Purchase & supply chain management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Production and manufacturing schedule management.
  • Material requirements planning (MRP).
  • Work order management.
  • And much more……..

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Business Consultancy

webERP Africa Ltd delivers significant value to start-ups and small businesses through the business digital start-up kit that provides low cost solutions for structure and control of financial information.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

webERP Africa Ltd implements business intelligence solutions using spagoBI, an open source industry leader, and enables the creation of knowledge from the user ERP data. Business analytics enable users to gather actionable insights from their existing digital data and create a competitive edge within their product lines. These include;

  • Self-service BI, Real-time BI, Mobile time BI.
  • Big Data.
  • Geo BI.
  • Analytics.

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Network Security Services

Through leading partnerships in the region, webERP Africa offers complementary network security services to strengthen the digital information security and safeguard business information. These include:

  • Penetration tests, security risk assessments and audits Network security architecture review.
  • Network penetration tests & assessments.
  • Web application penetration tests & assessments.
  • Wireless network penetration tests & assessments.
  • Physical security assessments & penetration tests.
  • Code review – Correctness and convergence.
  • Threat Mitigation Services, Firewall deployment, IDS Roll-out.
  • OS Hardening, Security Policy, Rapid, effective, and discrete incident response services.
  • Incident Response, Forensics, Expert Witness.
  • Virtual and hardware appliance Firewalls.
  • Barracuda and Check Point for: Anti-phishing, Anti-spam, Anti-spoofing, Anti-spyware and Anti-virus.
  • Cloud protection layer.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) protection.
  • Directory Harvest Attack protection.

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